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Why "Toad Hill"? we get asked.  Three reasons!


1 - We love toads.  Nicole especially - profoundly, and inexplicably.  In toad vs. baby goat or kitten head to heads, Nicole often picks toads.  

2  - Toads are good indicators of a healthy, balanced ecosystem.  They play an important role in that healthy ecosystem.  And they keep us honest as we work to maintain the healthy ecosystem - as long as we see toads bounding around we know we are keeping it clean and balanced!  We think the mission of the farm is nicely tied with having toads around....Also, toads can live to be 30 (not so much in the wild, but still!) - some of these fellows could become long term friends and co-stewards ...they deserve a stake in the name!

3 - The Farm has toads!  When we bought the place, we saw toads for the first time in years, and we felt joy and felt sure we'd made the right choice.  And sometimes, when we're driving out of the property and it takes three times as long because we have to drive around toads, and get out and move toads, we feel more joy. Thank you great toad maker in the sky.

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