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A Durham Family Farm

We view our farm as an integrated biological system and are thrilled to be partnered with native microbes, insects, plants and animals to support our cultivation of a diverse garden and orchard.  We’re staying small and diversified and expect this and every year from here on out to be ‘a learning year’ for all of us.

We are grateful and proud to be growing in Durham County - we've got a great community of farmers, policy-makers, educators, friends, parents and customers who make this a place where it makes sense to do this.

Toad Hill Farm is located on 17 acres in northern Durham County - we currently have about 1/3 of an acre in vegetable production, and another half-acre in young fruit trees and berry bushes.  The gardens and orchard  are surrounded by pasture (horse pasture up until last year, decades ago - it was in oats) and woodlot.  We also are surrounded on three sides by streams which are part of  the Little River watershed.  These streams, woods, pasture and gardens house our healthy namesake toad population and we couldn't be more grateful.

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